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OnLuxy Review

onluxy is a website that connects attractive and wealthy singles. It is more than a website dedicated to dating, being specifically designed for millionaires who want to find their soulmate. All profiles are verified before being accepted, with 41% of the users earning more than 1 Million Dollars per year. Therefore, the website targets a certain category, and it raises its standards in order to be able to do so.

Customer Support

Onluxy dating site comes with 24/7 customer support, so that users can receive feedback and dating advice whenever required, as well as an anti-spam system, which blocks the ones with fraudulent intentions or impure motives.


Dating for the wealthy, based on preference. Those who deem themselves as wealthy persons can join Onluxy, where they can find various like-minded individuals who are also great looking. The website is further split into several categories such as Interracial dating, Elite dating, Senior Dating, Single Women Dating, Fitness Singles Dating, and Wealthy Dating. The filters can be further refined from the individual profile, once the account is created and accepted by moderators. Anyone who is into the dating game in the upper-class should consider joining OnLuxy, since it helps them find someone with a similar lifestyle and mindset. Although wealthy people are not restricted to living in a certain city or location, OnLuxy provides users with the ability to connect with partners in their area. For as long as the attraction is on both sides, users can communicate and meet easier, since they both live in the same area. A meeting is not enforced, members being able to choose to meet only when attraction and interest are established. It’s also important to mention that wealthy people on the website can choose to meet with other singles from other cities, states, and even from different continents, for as long as the interest is reciprocal and the intentions are clear.


OnLuxy is one of the best millionaire dating sites around since it features manually-verified profiles and members with the highest incomes. Those who find themselves in this category can join the website, and then start a detailed search based on location, race, age, and other characteristics. With OnLuxy, everyone has a chance for accomplished love.